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Shadowsong EU - Alliance

Ashen Empire is an Alliance raiding guild on Shadowsong-EU. 

 Ashen Empire is a guild that has quite a long historical background over years. While we've been on Shadowsong-EU since August 2011, our guild was actually formed on January 2010 up on the foundations of our players' previous guilds in the realm The Venture Co-EU. Our raiding experience dates back to Classic Vanilla with some members having defeated the very end game content on Vanilla and The Burning Crusade. Wrath of the Lich King expansion saw our guild come to rise and become one of the top guilds on The Venture Co-EU just in 5 months during Icecrown Citadel era of patch 3.3. Once the Cataclysm expansion hit, Ashen Empire took a long break and later on we decided to set a brand new beginning on Shadowsong-EU. We took a major part in the raiding community of Shadowsong-EU during tier 14, and with the arrival of Throne of Thunder in patch 5.2 we merged with another Shadowsong-EU guild, Immersion, until Warlords of Draenor took place.

Our past achievements as a guild are:

* Patch 3.3 Icecrown Citadel - 25man HC 11/12 Up to The Lich King

* Patch 4.3 Dragon Soul - 10man HC 5/8 Up to Warmaster Blackhorn (We eventually stopped raiding while we were progressing on him in May 2012, since raiding in DS wasn't fun at all and Diablo III on the horizon)

Patch 5.1 Mogu'shan Vaults - 10man HC 4/6 (Stone Guard, Feng the Accursed, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, Elegon)
Heart of Fear - 10man HC 3/6 (Blade Lord Tayak, Garalon, Wind Lord Mel'jarak)
Terrace of the Endless Spring - 10man HC 2/4
(Protectors of the Endless, Tsulong)

* Patch 6.1 Highmaul - 10man HC 5/7 Up to Ko'ragh (This time the real life kicked in hard for most of our members so we had to stop raiding very early into the expansion.)


Socially we are a group of friends. We are open to any new crew members who'd like to sail with us in this rough, strange and waste ocean. We would love to see anyone who would be interested in enhancing our guild with his/her presence amongst us and playing the game together. 

 Raidwise, we're not elitist cherrypickers, instead we'd like to help our teammates wholly improve theirselves as it would be for the entire benefit of our guild. So far, despite all the inefficiency of a small squad in Cataclysm, we managed to grow into one of the top guilds on Shadowsong EU within just a few months of our migration from The Venture Co.

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